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The Orix Way

At Orix we believe the player’s ability to think the game at high level generally supersedes just physical attributes alone. Let’s face it if we judged young players only on physical attributes, then Messi, Maradona or Pele would have been better suited for gymnastics and not soccer but that is simply not the case. The Orix way of teaching the game allows players to develop the fundamentals that will give them a solid foundation to progress from level to level of their soccer development.

Our program focuses on the following age appropriate development principles:

  • U5-U10 Skills Development
  • U10-U12 Technical Foundation
  • U12-U14 Tactical Awareness
  • U14-U18 Cognitive (Soccer IQ)
  • U18+ Professional Mentality
At Orix the listed age categories are primarily for league compliance purposes. At Orix, we recognize that flexibility in age placement is in the players best interest. Players progress at different levels, therefore Orix ensures players are playing at the appropriate level by assessing players based on their ability level and not necessarily their age.